Exclusive Interview With Runway Richy

Published on May 23rd, 2017

Interviewed By: Anderson B Cox

Photo Credit: CKP Entertainment


Artist Runway Richy, continues to shine and grow brighter with his all new album, China Cafeteria 2.5. On June 8, Runway Richy will embrace the stage for the first time in Jacksonville, North Carolina, for the”Elements Tour”. Check out below as Phat Inc. Magazine’s Anderson B, gets an exclusive interview with Runway Richy. 

Phat Inc:  What kind of feeling do you experience the moment your feet hit the stage?

Runway Richy: Litttt !!! I be jumping up and down on the side of the stage, ready to explode on stage . It doesn’t matter how many people are watching me either . Im going innnnnn .

Phat Inc: How do you prepare to write your projects? What is your process in writing records like “Switching Sides” ?

Runway Richy: Just matters how I feel at that time. Some records I actually write and some I come straight off the head . Switching Sides, I was there for the production part . While Fki Sauce, and Matt was cooking up the beat. I free styled the whole record in my head.

Phat Inc: What do you want your listeners to experience when they hear your records?

Runway Richy: I want them to experience “Me” my wins and  my losses . My losses I turned into wins . No matter the situation I made it happen.

Phat Inc: What motivates you to make music?

Runway Richy: My daughter Kylee. I have to go hard “ cant disappoint Kylee”

Phat Inc: Do you have a favorite element of Hip Hop besides Emceeing or do you feel that Emceeing is your passion?

Runway Richy: I’m starting to try my hand in production. I’m not ready to let anyone hear it yet though. Its coming soon…

Phat Inc: What cities have shown the most love when you are out performing?

Runway Richy: Hands down Austin Texas , New York , Atlanta and the one time I performed in LA, at the Viper room with Big Gipp . They showed crazy love.

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Phat Inc: Have you collaborated with other artists and if so, what was the experiences like?

Runway Richy: Yeah , I’ve collaborated with B.o.B , Gucci Mane, Dro , Trae da Truth , Big Gipp , Dc Young Fly , Fat Man Key. All the experiences were different. Only thing consistent was the good vibes and the incredible music that came from these collaborations.

Phat Inc:  Do you have a favorite song of yours, that you have recorded?

Runway Richy: “Made it Happen “ feat Trae Da Truth . I made that record from my experience after my car accident. I literally had to learn to walk again. I have all kind of medal rods and bolts in my body. I was performing  against doctors orders at Sxsw 2016 on crutches .
Phat Inc: What part of the music business do you feel is the most difficult part to master?

Runway Richy: The business part, I’m learning everyday. My team, and I are very transparent when it comes to business. For the most part they handle everything.

Phat Inc: How do you see your legacy at the finishing point in your career?

Runway Richy: One of the greatest to ever do it. Not only through my music but also through my philanthropy efforts .

Phat Inc: What’s the best thing that has happened to you so far?

Runway Richy: Watching my numbers going up, and finally getting paid shows.

Phat Inc: Who is your favorite artists out right now?

Runway Richy: Honestly me. I only listen to myself or my team. 21 I rocks with , Kendrick , 2 chainz I listen to. But overall I’m my favorite artist lol.

Phat Inc: What’s your message for the culture of Hip Hop?

Runway Richy: Keep it pure but still be open enough to accept change !!!

Phat Inc: What impression do you want to leave on this world?

Runway Richy: I want my music to be the soundtrack to peoples lives. I want my music to help motivate the people.







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