Charlamagne Tha God Releases Book “Black Privilege”

Published on April 17th, 2017

Charlamagne Tha God Book Release April 18: Black Privilege

By Anji Cross

April, 18, 2017



Lenard McKelvey also known as Charlamage Thegod, radio personality, co-host of 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and self-proclaimed “Hip Hop Prince of Pissing People Off” took to You Tube to do a LIVE book signing of his soon to be released work, Black Privilege: Opportunity comes to those that create it.” Expounded upon his passion for writing the book that “generously but wit fire” shares 8 life-principles that will change the life of anyone who reads it.


Along with assistant Paige O’Donnell Charlamagne Thegod (CTG) talked about the book and answered fan submitted-questions. And just because… played a “from a white-man’s prospective” trivia game.  And then Charlamagne does something I have never seen before and that’s promote another person’s book before talking about his own.  (That was kinda generous.). With a mentor’s voice CTG spoke of personal experiences like a big brother rearing the next. Being transparent and curt, which is obviously his calling card… straight up and to the point? You really could tell a lot about the man’s passions and character by the conversational way he participated in the interview style virtual event.

 When asked “What advice would you give another who is young and successful that may enlighten them in their experience.” Immediately Charlamagne says “Gratitude is the most important thing for someone trying to get and hold onto success.” He continues “JUST BE A NICE PERSON, man! Manners will take you where money won’t.” And then he adds “So why switch up just because you get a little bit of money, I guess… My father used to always tell me, anyone who obtains some type of success or gets a little bit of money and changes up really didn’t know who they were to begin with.  Knowing who you are and where you come from is a common thread you will hear that and see it throughout book. It’s obviously one of his foundational core values.


“What advice do you give to those who have never found their passion?” was asked. CTG responded “In Principle #2 PYP: Pick your Passion, Poison or Procrastination.  When you pursue your career you have to pursue something you are passionate about or it’s not going to mean anything to you. Poison is all the self-doubt, insecurity and fear that can come with trying to find your passion. Like the thing my Cuzin Aunt told me: Don’t set your goals so high because if you don’t achieve them, you’re going to be disappointed. That’s someone planting poison in your head, as if to say you can’t accomplish that thing you set out to do.  The passion thing is that thing you would do for free. That thing that’s always on your mind.”

“How was your life impacted once you figured out your purpose and who you associated with?” CTG answered it this way: “I realized that the greatest purpose in life is to serve others and I realized that I wanted to serve people through radio – giving people what they need and sometimes what they don’t. Growth is very important, if you ain’t politicking with people who’ll bring you up, you gotto cut them off.  That’s why I never believed in that “No new friends” philosophy. I understand about not letting any body into your inner circle but you can’t just shut people off completely… and just be down to your day 1. Each new stage of your life as you grow and level up you’re gonna meet new people that’s gonna help with your growf. Peroid.  And you may not grow if you don’t meet those people (I talk about it in my book.)



The most entertaining part of the interview was Principle 3: Fuck your dreams!  CTG says when he was younger he wanted to be a rapper.  But his mentor told him “Fuck your dreams!” You suck as a rapper stick to radio”.  And that changed his life and put him on the right track. “When you see other people “killin it” and you say, I’d like to do that… it ain’t truly your dream… that’s someone else’s dream.  Your “dream” is that thing you’re passionate about.  That thing that is always on your mind, the thing you love so much that you’d do it for free. Serving people on the radio was his dream.  He started at free wit Wendy Williams, went to $6 per hour than $8. Morning in Philly jumped him up to $75,000 but didn’t make real money until he came to 105.1. The dream is all about your passion!


Why would ”the Howard Stern of hip hop” choose to write a book like this?  The son of an English teacher and prolific reader found a way to escape his circumstances through books. Books like From Niggas to Gods by Akil, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Four Agreements, Are you there God and The Secret changed his life. Taking the next moment he proudly unwrapped his book to reveal a serious work created Marvel Comic artist and South Carolinian Sanford Green.  Stylistically the full-color 4 pane comic strip a book-sized mural chronicling the transformation of “disenfranchised” minorities to transcendence to super hero status via self-actualization. The “vision board” basically tells exactly what Black Privilege is about: Having knowledge of who you are, Knowing what you stand for, knowing your ancestral greatness and capitalizing on all of it together.


“If you could have dinner with 3 famous people dead or alive who would it be and why?” CTG: PD Green (Talk to Me), Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and I would have to add Elijah Mohammad, who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Because I feel like I would love to hear what they think about what is going on today. These people have really influenced my life. Paige added that CTG was quoted in as saying “Celebrating the criminal lifestyle is a warped mindset that has ruined us as much as the crack epidemic has.” He has much respect for people that make opportunity for themselves and go after what they want, like Elvis Duran for longevity, Steve Harvey, Bobby Boones and PD Green

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