Rappers Giving Glory to God ?

Published on March 16th, 2017

God: “Don’t Call It a Come Back”

By Anji Cross

March 15, 2015


So faith is often labeled “at odds” with entertainment and the world view.  But we’ve all seen entertainers pay homage to God and leave him on the stage after receiving the award.  The challenge obviously is walking the talk and living a consistent faith impacted life on a regular. You know… “showing the fruit” for real. For instance Chance the Rapper opened up his Granny acceptance speech for “Newest Artist” by “Giving Glory to God” and by calling it “a victory in the Name of the Lord.” And then he turned right around and showed love to his community by making a huge donation. Giving is not a faith thing, but being an example and challenging others to take up their own cross, is.



But how does a hip hop artist put God out there without looking like a religious fanatic? You definitely have to be inspired and fearless. Word is one of hip hop’s own, called one of the best rappers that’s ever lived; Kendrick Lamar is the next to take the leap and “bring to center stage – “The Big G.” And why shouldn’t he? You’d have to be deaf and blind, songs like “She Needs Me”, “i” and the intro to Good Kid, m.A.A.d City clue you to God, and spirituality as great inspirations for Lamar. 


According to Desire Thompson (VIBE, 2017)  a particular Kendrick Lamar fan broke it down this way,  people connect to the music not just for hip hop culture, it’s the sense of wanting to be set free.” They are looking for an escape from their self-afflictions, and their demons. According to latest buzz he has decided to create some God-focused hip hop conversations about real-life experiences.  After all, going back to his community and the communities of the world to address their problems is what inspired “To Pimp a Butterfly.  Why leave God in church when people are dying daily in the streets? Dipping into wells of gang culture, drug abuse, self –afflictions and addiction but pouring out something as positive as freedom and pure creativity can only come from a “higher source.” Kendrick’s attempt to bridge the gap by talking God-concepts and choice is not only daring and bold, it’s sure to be a game-changer.

“We’re in a time, where we exclude one major component out of this thing called life: God” says Lamar.  Why not bring Him back into the mix; we’ve tried everything else…  

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