Chance the Rapper Educational Advocate

Published on March 14th, 2017

Chance the Rapper Educational Advocate

By Anji Cross

March 14, 2017


Chance the Rapper made history at the Grammys for his “Streaming-only” album “Coloring Book” and less than a month later has announced his intention to give Chicago Public schools $1.1 million support.  Certainly other rappers and entertainers have “given back” to the communities that have reared them, but I have never seen this type of support before. 


Chance’s announcement on Monday 6, 2017 to give $1 million to Chicago Public Schools for arts and enrichment programming comes on the heels of a meeting with Illinois’ governor Bruce Rauner to discuss local education issues and his concern over recent cuts to public school funding. Gov. Rauner who vetoed $215 million support to ease Chicago Public Schools pension burdens gave several “vague” answers to probing questions regarding his reasoning. Switching channels just for a moment …


Chicago Sun-Times writer Mary Mitchell has the gall to write a dumb article regarding Chance and his “child support spat” and how this madness could damage his Rep and status as a clean cut role model.  Let me just say… What the hell? The effort spent in this raunchy attempt to smear shit on the man’s public profile by bringing into light his personal family strivings could have been better spent on covering the verbal vomiting of Ben Carson over the slavery equals immigration bulls&^#.


I’m so glad Chance responded the way he did to Chicago Sun-Time’s smear attempt. Posting a short Instagram he says “Y’all better do Y’all jobs and stop worrying about how good my family is.” On the real isn’t it far easier to jab at the urban trend of “baby momma drama” than it is to address the real issue here and that is Illinois’ long held bigotry of providing financial support to more affluent neighborhoods?  If we are real transparent … this is not about knocking a rising black down a peg.  This is about discrediting Chance, a budding activist for social equality and now advocate for Urban Student learning BEFORE he can gain the support of the Urban community AND momentum. Illinois has been propping up support for affluent counties like Springfield and starving “ghettos” for decades.  What I just wonder whether Mitchell knew that she was being a pawn to “keep” the man “in his place” …? I’m just saying.


The veto to assist Chicago Public Schools and the reallocation of educational support has caused a Budget shortfall of $400,000. This type of deficit prioritized the need for “more necessary programs” as math, and sciences as art education generally gets the chopping block. Priors have shown the dismissal of over 1581 CPS teachers, in 2013, which removed over 105 art and music teachers. Chance is therefore just doing his part to be the change many hope for by putting his money where his mouth is.  In addition to the $1 million, Chance intends to divide another $100,000 between 10 more Chicago schools.   His motivation is believed to be, as CEO of Forefront Erick Weinheimer says, “to cause a ripple effect of generosity to CPS.” The proof is right in front of us, check out his webpage  Front page has two buttons, one for “Support CPS” and the other to “Enter the Site.”  You can’t even access his stuff until you make a decision to give. My man!!! I give you much respect. Keep up the great work!

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