Whats hot and whats a flop? Style update

Published on February 3rd, 2017


By Anji Cross

February 3, 2017


Black People, brown people, my people get released from the Label-O’s, Label woes, don’t be label hoes (following trends that don’t move you forward.)  We have this thing of buying, buying, and buying (especially during tax-return season.)

shopping: money to burn

shopping: money to burn

Since kicks and clothes draw us the most here’s your Urban Fashion update. What’s In: Big Sean is opening 4 “pop-up” stores, in Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto & Detroit, his hometown.)



What’s Not: Kanye West may believe in his “Ripped Homeless Sweater” (and homeless-looking T-shirt collection, etc.) – let it slide.  If you’re struggling… why look like it (no judgement, just saying.)  (Lee, 2016)


What’s Coming: Keep your eye out for Nike and Jordan’s pairing with the Black History Month collection (Ayanarashed, 2017)



Peep this, did you know that there are less than 1% black designers in the game?  Designers like Joe Casely-Hayford, B Michael, Dexter & Byron Pert, Maxwell Osborne, Jessie Adore are doing it!  Yo, the hip hop culture, urban Americans are the highest consumers and lowest producers in America.  We got to do better!


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