Go pick up the new Future Album release: “Future Hendrix”

Published on February 16th, 2017

Future Album release: “Future Hendrix” drops February 17th

By Anji Cross

February 16, 2018


Future’s 5th Album “Future Hendrix” comes out tomorrow.  ITunes featured the 17 title list, no guest contributors have been revealed and only 1 track available to sample: “Poppin’ Tags.” I have to tell you that I was giving Future the side-eye until I heard the interview with Zane Lowe of ATL’s Beats 1 Radio. Here are my highlights:

Zane: You’re a busy man.  From the beginning you’ve fed your fans with a “legendary mixtape run from Monster, the DJ Esco-hosted 56 Nights and Dirty Sprite 2.”

Future: I was trying to touch the people that I needed to. The relationship with Ciara had become the focal point of my career.


This album: Future Hendrix is part of a legacy play.  “Everything I do” said Future “is for longevity.” Future’s philosophy is to build one work upon another.  “I couldn’t give fans Future Hendrix until the time was right; without showing them the trials and tribulations of my process.”

Zane: Why did you remove yourself from social media?  Did it help you with the Album?


Future: Unplugging from social media was an intentional move; the best thing I could’ve done for myself because it gave me the time and space I needed to connect with myself, family and friends.  I needed the time to gain control of my brand, to refine the tone of my message and entire creative landscape.

Zane: What were you trying to say with this Album?

Future: Anytime you get together other talented artists, you have to embrace that moment, capture the vive and take advantage of the momentum.  The bottom line, the mood board, theme to the message is: “Embrace everything around you, make the most of the life you live, capture the essence of your experiences to “SuperTrack” your world.  SuperTrack, Future explains, is the process of taking every situation, every drama, every thought and allowing it all to propel you from living an average life to superhero status.


What does the future hold for Future? Living up to his name, keeping people guessing (interested) and providing fans with a steady diet of “authentic” Future.  Look for him in the underground connecting with his fans and expect him to stay at least 2 moves ahead.  Lastly, don’t forget the upcoming tour featuring Kodak Black, Migos, Tory Lanez, Young Thug, A$AP Ferg and Future.  Its jumping off May 4th  and you’d better be ready!

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