DAMN “G”THAT’S SEXY!!! The kind of man women scream for!

Published on February 15th, 2017

DAMN “G”THAT’S SEXY!!! The kind of man women scream for!

By Anji Cross

February 15, 2017

What is it about the O.G, the Rapper, the Hip Hop mogul, the Thug that females crave? Is it the power, the money or the lifestyle that turns a good girl bad?


Regular guys ask each other that all the time when they see a flawless girl with a gangsta … “what does he got that I don’t?”  Is it the rawness of his brash view and attitude, or the liquid charge in his hip hop energy? Is it the frenzied and chaotic gravity that creates drama wherever he goes? Is it his “I’m the “eye of the storm” confidence; the rain-a-little-this-way kind of sexuality? Maybe… but that’s all NOW stuff.  What about the future?


Did you know that the type of woman a man chooses is a direct reflection of his “future SELF?” If “Bae” is all hoochy-dress, 8-ich heels and weave down to the ground with the personality and vision of a speed bump – That’s all NOW stuff. But then maybe ride and die gangstas “don’t have futures”… but smart G’s see themselves years and years ahead of here & NOW.


For real though, it’s not the ENERGY that draws a real woman, it’s his INNER G. And how do you elevate your INNER G? You address your mess, with REALNESS and keep one eye on creating a solid future. Hell real men grow up – Peter Pan “of da hood” ain’t sexy beyond 8th grade – even if he does exchange his tights for sagging jeans, Jordans and a hard posse.

You gotta balance your INNER G with your swag.  And the best way to do that is to be as heavy in business as you are on da street. You know there’s a difference between a “FEMALES” and a Queen – Just like we (females) see the difference between a street thug and a REAL G.  To capture a Queen, – you gotta be able to get your “GQ” on.  As you ELEVATE your game… ELEVATE your style. Damn G, that’s sexy!!!



So PNB Nation is gone, been gone for a while.  Stop trippin’, sample this: Brooklyn Circus. Yes, it’s in New York.  So was that watch you bought online during Christmas time. I got mad respect for designer Ouigi Theodore.  He is a bearded black man with a vision to “refine the image of Urban America.”  The man is on fleek, who has a # (hashtag) 100 year plan!  “O” is a mix-master of “retro” and eclectic fashion forward styles for the “NOW” Urban male.


This break though designer built “A ROCK” in his community and he did it his way.  There’s something sexy about doing things no one else is doing. “Longevity and Integrity” as he calls it, paved the way to notoriety. I love that!!!  That’s what REAL women want.   How do you build a legacy… take the fire and influence of our heritage and tailor-make it to fit today’s Urban Male.  That’s what hip hop and Brooklyn Circus clothing line has done and is changing the world!


Ouigi Theodore is a great example of how vision, production and movement (along with perseverance) can redefine a man and his culture!  Yo! My G’s if you want to be sexy for real – “walk your talk.” Don’t just talk about being successful – be about it. Look like you sound: Put together and confident.  If you let your ENERGY transform your INNER G, you will definitely be the kind of MAN the women scream for!!!!

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