Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown: Getting Ready To Rumble UPDATE

Published on January 19th, 2017

Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown: Getting Ready To Rumble




It may not be not the fight of the century. But, where else are you going to see two scrawny-ass singers with overblown egos beating the crap out of each other.

Soulja Boy just announced he’s kickin’ his trainer and promoter, Floyd “Money (hungry)” Mayweather to the curb and taking matters into his own hands. Purportedly, ol’ Soulja is in that big of a big hurry to give Brown a good, old fashioned beat down, and Mayweather was just not moving fast enough to get the two in the ring.


Soulja Boy took to Twitter to voice his disappointment working with Mayweather and how he’ll be taking matters in his own hands as he gears up for the high-profile beat down. “F**k this sh*t. These ni***s taking too long. You need tickets hit me. I’m running the show,” he said in his rambling, curse-ridden tweet.

While Chris Brown has been mostly on silent mode as he trains for the fight, Soulja Boy hasn’t been able to keep his mouth closed, taunting Brown almost daily through social media. Being the good sport that he is, Soulja says he’s even willing to be friends with Chris Brown after he gives him a good a** whooping in the ring.

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