Locked Up: Should You Be Worried If His Phone Is Locked?

Published on September 14th, 2016

By: Marcy Aguilar



He’s asleep, it’s midnight on a Friday night, you’re tossing and turning restlessly trying to find the perfect spot on his chest to lay your head. Finally after 45 minutes of counting sheep with no success you get up and walk to the living room. The darkness of the room is interrupted by a flashing light coming from his phone that’s sitting on the end table. You casually stroll right by it because you have convinced yourself that you’re better than going through your mans phone.


In the kitchen now as you drink some water to kill your thirst and curiosity… You begin to wonder. Who’s hitting him up this late? His friends maybe, letting him know he’s missing out on another night of drinking and “bad bitches”. Or maybe that annoying co worker that you’ve asked nicely and aggressively for him to get rid of and he promised he has. You love him, he loves you … Most likely you won’t find anything anyways right? In your deep thought you’ve made your way to the phone, your heart is racing but not as fast as your mind. You push the home button, ” 2 unread texts” is what stares you right in the face. Here it is the moment of truth, is he really the good guy I’ve made him out to be in my mind? This moment required all your commitment because there is no going back now. You swipe and bam! The biggest fear before this moment was the context of the texts, only to find that in fact the real fear should have been if that phone is locked or not. In your case, it is.


Curiosity slowly boiling into anger. Why is the phone locked? What is he hiding? Who texted him? Questions that will only get answers if you confess you broke the inseparable bond between a man and his phone. Now if you have never been through your boyfriend or husbands phone this isn’t for you. Maybe you just rather not know, ignorantly in bliss? Perhaps. Or maybe he’s such a great guy that he would just never do that to you. Since the day I got picked to write this article I’ve asked probably about 30 different men from different walks of life if they have their phone locked, all of them in relationships. Only 4 of them said yes; the same 4 that followed up my inquiry with questions such as ” but do you have a boyfriend?”

I’m the hopeless romantic that thinks loyalty and love still exist , and yes I have been the dumbass Girl who has believed his phone is locked but he has nothing to hide. However after careful consideration of my own individual research I have come to the conclusion that yes, if a man locks his phone and you do not have access to his password … Most likely he is hiding something. Now that I have that out the way this is my public service announcement; I do not in any way shape or form believe we as women or even men should feel the continuous need to go through each other’s phones. And let’s keep it 100, 9 times out of 10 even if you find something you don’t go anywhere. Why torment yourself? Free your mind of all worries and leave the damn phone alone.

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