3rd Annual Luxury Technology Show

Published on September 28th, 2016

Article by: Fred Agyin



The third annual Luxury Technology Show took place on Tuesday, September, 27, 2016 at the marvelous Petersen Automotive Museum. Known for displaying the best in class in electronics and technology, this one-of-a-kind showcase was a spectacle that I would highly recommend attending if given the opportunity.

The event offered a peek into the future of audio with Echobox Audio that features an audio player, The Explorer, and accompanying headphones, The Finder X1.

What sets The Explorer apart from your typical audio is it’s ability to stream high-quality music and in it’s unique shape, which draws inspiration from a flask. The Finder X1, a solid titanium headphone, uses memory foam as its tip, allowing for a perfect fit to ear and noise cancelling abilities like none other.


Echobox – The Explorer

Not to be outdone in the audio department was fellow headphone company, Pendulumic. With two different models available, the on-ear Tach T1, and the overhead Stance S1, Pendulumic boasts about it’s far reaching wireless range while still delivering CD quality sound.

If you’re a person who lives in the airport, Barracuda luggage was made just for you. The rolling suitcase includes features that allow you to track your luggage through a GSM-enabled tracker, rotating handle, and a charging port for your phone to make sure you’re never out of service.

Pedulumic Tach T1

Pedulumic Tach T1

For all the gamers out there, Polycade is right up your alley. It is a full-size arcade system that comes in a third of the size. With integration to the Steam Network, you’re able to play thousands of your favorite games, old and new, right at the click of a button.

One of the most interesting items on display was a small gadget that would test your body for muscle quality and body fat. You simply select which muscle group you want to measure, hold the gadget up to that muscle group, and instantaneously you’re given your reading for muscle quality and body fat on a 1-100 scale.

The Luxury Technology Show is held annually in Los Angeles. Cocktails and appetizers are served to those in attendance, but be aware you’re going to need to be an invited VIP guest to attend.


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