Published on September 22nd, 2016

Article by: Fred Agyin



Gucci Mane stopped by Hot107.9 to chop it up with the Durtty Boyz on their morning talk show about what made him change up his lifestyle.

When Gucci Mane was asked what led him to want to live a healthier lifestyle:

Just going back to jail, I had been locked up so many times…the last time was real, when I saw that I was facing 20-30 years and it got manageable to 3 years, I’m taking it serious…I’m changing my whole, they not gon play with me, so if I wanted shit to change, I had to change everything, so just changed my whole approach to everything.

Since his release Gucci Mane has gotten nothing but love from fellow artists and assures us that he is back better than ever and that there’s no need to worry about a “Gucci Mane Clone” coming about anytime soon as he the one and only.

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